13 Reasons Why Trailer: [Spoiler] Returns for Revenge in Final Season

How do you hope things will end? Hit PLAY on the trailer above for your first look at the final season of 13 Reasons Why, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

George, Austin Aaron as Luke Holiday, Inde Navarrette as Estela de la Cruz, RJ Brown as Caleb, Steven Weber as Principle Bowen, Brenda Strong as Mrs. Netflix on Wednesday released the official trailer for the fourth and final season of 13 Reasons Why, offering a taste of how Clay’s journey of secrets and lies will come to an end on June 5. Ellman, Alisha Boe as Jessica Davis, Brandon Flynn as Justin Foley, Miles Heizer as Alex Standall, Grace Saif as Ani Achola, Christian Navarro as Tony Padilla, Ross Butler as Zach Dempsey, Devin Druid as Tyler Down, Timothy Granaderos as Montgomery de la Cruz, Anne Winters as Chloe, Deaken Bluman as Winston Williams, Tyler Barnhardt as Charlie St. RELATED STORIES

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The ghosts of Liberty High School are coming back for one last haunt. And with Monty’s ex-lover Winston setting out to clear his name, the stakes have never been higher. The final season’s cast includes Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen, Gary Sinise as Dr. Jensen, Josh Hamilton as Matt Jensen, Mark Pellegrino as Deputy Standall and introducing Jan Luis Castellanos as Diego Torres. With graduation (aka freedom!) on the horizon, Clay and his friends are looking towards a hopeful future — but first, they’ll have to face their past actions. Walker, Amy Hargreaves as Mrs.

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