30 Rock Reunion: Liz Lemon Yells at a Non-Mask Wearer in First Teaser

Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at the 30 Rock special, and hit the comments and tell us: Will you be watching?
In it, Tina Fey’s Liz berates a man on the street for not wearing a mask in the middle of a pandemic and scares him off by removing her mask to reveal a second mask that has her screaming mouth printed on it. RELATED STORIES

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If you want to walk around New York City without a mask on these days, just be careful: Liz Lemon is not having it. The 30 Rock cast is reuniting for a one-time special — airing next Thursday, July 16 at 8/7c on NBC — and based on the new teaser NBC just released, the laughs are extra timely. (“Boom! pool; he is the president of NBC now, after all.) But the TGS gang is testing the limits of new technology: During a phone call with Jack, Liz suddenly recoils and asks, “How did you slap me?” “I have the iPhone 40,” Jack replies. Another successful interaction with a man!”)
The teaser also promises the return of Alec Baldwin (Jack), Tracy Morgan (Tracy), Jane Krakowski (Jenna) and Jack McBrayer (Kenneth) — and hey, they’re not just Zooming with each other! (Kenneth appears to be lounging by a luxurious L.A.

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