Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards: ‘Things Get Pretty Emotional’ as Felicity and Oliver Deal With Diggle’s Exit


As not only Oliver’s longtime colleague but also his wife, Felicity will do what she can to keep the narrowed Team Arrow on mission. Though her reasons for doing so are increasingly fueled by heretofore-unwavering faith versus the facts at hand. This Thursday on Arrow (The CW, 9/8c), Oliver and Felicity try to wrap their heads around a team minus Diggle, who due to conflicting ideologies has hung up Spartan’s helmet. There’s a fracture in the spine of OTA.”

RELATEDArrow Boss Addresses Fan Reaction to OTA vs. “Things get pretty emotional,” Emily Bett Rickards shared with TVLine between takes, during our recent visit to the set. Felicity was there when it happened and she tried to play mediator best she could, but words cut deep and things transpire…. “It’s like your best friend breaking up with you.

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But when it comes to Oliver’s rift with Diggle, “try as she does, it’s kind of the same thing as belief – you have to want to look outside your point of view. “People’s perspectives start to change, but hopefully their morals are still coming from the same place,” she adds. “She still believes in their journey in front of them, and still wants to believe. And hopefully that comes across.” But, hopefully, all that they have been through until now, and the incredible love that they share, can power the couple through this latest crucible. Why are we doing the things that were doing? “That’s why I like her so much,” smiles her portrayer. “We as people just act out in general when big changes happen in our lives, no matter what it is,” Rickards notes. “Yeah, I think so…,” Rickards nods. Why do we believe in justice so strongly? Without that belief, there are lives at stake. “We’re trying to show that heroes have vulnerable and fragile spots as well,” Rickards says, looking at the bigger picture. “She does the best she can, but as you are usually when you want to have somebody’s side so strongly, she’s a little bit biased,” the actress allows. What type of justice am I after, what type of justice are you after…? “Everyone needs help, and that’s the whole point about accepting family and accepting help. Because it’s not only about point of view, it’s motive in this case. (As Rickards observed above, “words cut deep.”)
Are “Olicity” fans about to brave one of their scariest moments yet? And I think wanting to believe is, like, 95 percent of it some of the time. “And that’s kind of the debate.”

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Adding to the considerable challenge at hand, Oliver — as glimpsed in promos for this week — begins to act out in the wake of this seismic shift within OTA, defying conventional wisdom to launch a high-risk attack on Ricardo Diaz, and with no backup. That’s the strongest you can be, when you’re able to accept those things. She wants to make sure she can keep things all together.”
Indeed, throughout myriad tests of Team Arrow, cool, calm and collected Felicity often has served as a voice of reason, a peacemaker who (usually) helps people see other points of view. “Oliver unfortunately has a lot to lose, so acting out is not in his best interests.”
Nor is it in the best interests of his marriage, when his obstinate mindset unexpectedly puts Felicity in the cross hairs.

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