As DC’s Stargirl Finale Nears, Should We Be Worried About Forsaken Mike?

And two episodes ago, the lad was blindsided with the news that stepmom Barbara had kicked Pat out of the house (after she discovered that he had concealed her daughter’s superhero secret, jeopardizing Courtney’s life). But man, you had to feel for Mike this past week when he interrupted Pat and Courtney as they intently considered her future as Stargirl, in light of the confirmation that Starman was not her dad. RELATED STORIES

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While everyone else in the Whitmore-Dugan household is bracing for a fight with the Injustice Society, DC’s Stargirl‘s Mike continues to be the odd man out. Earlier this season, Mike (played by Trae Romano) vented to Courtney that he felt like his new stepsister was co-opting time with his dad, Pat. Might his growing sense of disenfranchisement steer him in a bad direction?

“Although that would be pretty cool!”
Want more scoop on Stargirl, or for any other show? Please!” bellowed Pat at his son. “Why won’t you tell me anything,” a gut-punched Mike asked. “What did I do wrong?” Yet even when Pat assured the middle schooler, “Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine,” Mike could only offer in return a half-hearted, “Yep. Email and your question may be answered via Matt’s Inside Line. Is this unintended and repeated dissing of Mike leading anywhere, as the superhero series heads into its two-part finale (premiering Monday on DC Universe/Tuesday on The CW)? Sure it is,” before skulking away. “Mike, not now! “No. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about with Mike,” Luke Wilson, who plays Pat, assured TVLine. “He does have a pretty cool moment in the next few episodes, actually. So we needn’t fear that — having been kept out of the superhero loop all this time — a peeved Mike might stray into the hands of the bad guys, and maybe even, like, use his aptitude for science and next-gen video games to help them with tech. “No. Should we be worried about the forsaken sad sack? I don’t think so,” Wilson said, with a laugh. He helps Pat out when Pat really needs someone’s help.”

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