Jimmy Kimmel to Take Summer Off, With Guest Hosts Filling In — Watch Video (Including Matt Damon Cameo!)

I just need a couple of months off.” (Kimmel has hosted Live! In the announcement — which you can watch above — Kimmel reveals that “tonight is my last new show for the summer,” adding that he’s taking a break “to spend even more time with my family.” He emphasizes that “there’s nothing wrong: My family is healthy, I’m healthy. There’s no word yet on who will be hosting, but the guest-hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live episodes will begin airing Monday, July 6 after two weeks of reruns. RELATED STORIES

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Jimmy Kimmel is packing up for a loooong vacation: The ABC late-night host will be taking the summer off and will be replaced by guest hosts, he announced on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. since 2003, for a total of 3,130 shows.)
Kimmel adds that while he’s gone, “a cavalcade of very kind and capable people” will fill in as guest hosts.
(He’s read Tori Spelling’s Storytelling three times already, since it’s apparently the only book Kimmel owns.) We also spot Kimmel’s wife sneaking out of Damon’s guest room… awkward. The video, of course, squeezes in a Matt Damon reference, with the actor himself wandering in wearing a mask and revealing that he’s been staying in Kimmel’s home for the past three months waiting to get on the show. Press PLAY above to watch Kimmel’s announcement, and then hit the comments and tell us: Who do you want to see as guest host?

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