L.A. Complex Reboot DOA at The CW

(The Season 2 ensemble went through something of a shake-up, as characters moved in and out of the complex.) 2018 — was dead, the EP responded, “Sadly, yes.”
The original show — which premiered on The CW in the summer of 2012 and ran for two seasons — centered on a group of up-and-coming actors and musicians living in the same Hollywood apartment complex. It starred Cassie Steele (Degrassi: The Next Generation), Jewel Staite (Firefly), Joe Dinicol (Arrow, Blindspot), Jonathan Patrick Moore (Blindspot) and Andra Fuller (The Game), among others. When a fan on Instagram asked Gero if the project — which was announced back in Oct. RELATED STORIES

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L.A. The CW’s in-the-works reboot of the showbiz-themed Canadian soap is not moving forward, series co-creator Martin Gero has confirmed. Complex 2.0 has received a very early eviction notice.

The ill-fated reboot, which was to be penned by Gero and co-creator Brendan Gall, would’ve followed a new group of twentysomething tenants/artists living in Hollywood’s Luxe hotel.

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