Lost Vet Josh Holloway Previews Yellowstone Season 3: Sorry, Duttons — ‘You Just Can’t Stop Roarke’

“So I don’t know if she knows what to do with the fact that he likes [her abuse]. are] like, ‘Huh. Are you looking forward to seeing Holloway make himself at home on the range? “But there’s a very interesting flavor to their relationship. “Roarke and Beth like each other, they’re just on different sides of the fight,” suggests Holloway. “There’s a line in the script that says, ‘When people talk about too big to fail, they’re talking about us,’” he continues. From her first encounter with Roarke (watch it here), sparks fly. “So [John & Co. What do you do with this?’”

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What perhaps they should do is send in their own steamroller, Kelly Reilly’s badass Beth. He’s not combative, he’s going with it.”
The question is, how far will they go? In another life, if [her beau] Rip was gone, who knows? Maybe they could hook up.”
What do you think, Yellowstone fans? “Normally, she can emasculate a man pretty quickly,” Holloway points out.

You just can’t stop Roarke.”
If the family dares to try, as the interloper’s shadow looms ever larger over their acreage, they’ll be setting themselves up for a rude awakening. He is progress incarnate. Yellowstone’s Duttons are about to see red. When the Paramount Network drama returns for Season 3 Sunday (9/8c), they’re going to be nailed, so to speak, by “the inevitable hammer,” as new cast member Josh Holloway (Lost) calls his character, hedge-fund bigwig Roarke Morris. “He’s like the velvet steamroller, if you will. “But this is the first time they’ve come into contact with someone who can actually use the city government to [his advantage]. This is the real deal. “There’s been conflict before — other ranchers and real-estate developers messing with them,” Holloway notes.

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