Sex Education Season 2 Premiere Recap: Hands-On Experience Helps Otis Get Back in Business

She half-smiles before telling him he’d better get to class. Back at school, Eric has Adam on his mind when the boys are approached by Fiona, who needs Otis’s help. Rumors are circling that she’s the reason for the STI outbreak, but it’s not true. | Maeve approaches the headmaster asking for a second chance at school. When Little Otis fails to stand at attention, Otis runs away and falls downstairs, catching his mother and Ola’s father in the act. Otis reluctantly agrees to help; he meets with two of Fiona’s accusers and makes the Mean Girls write down a list of their recent sexual partners. SAVE MAEVE! She offers a suggestion that’s met with a round of applause and… are you thinking what I’m thinking? More Anderson Jean for everyone! This premiere is never-ending awkward for the “Pleasure Master.”
Later, Jean and Jakob are hot and heavy downstairs while Otis and Ola mack it upstairs. Secret’s out. Maeve finds herself re-enrolled! (A lot of things are out, actually – somebody grab Jakob some pants!) Otis doesn’t take the news well: “I was starting to feel like a normal teenager, but now you’ve made me feel like a freak again!”
At the assembly, the headmaster takes a lot of heat until Jean stands up to drop some knowledge on the ill-informed parents. Meanwhile, Lily gives Ola a tour of the school and a new guy struts by, turning everyone’s heads — including Eric. “If you let me back in, I won’t tell everyone your school is full of cheats,” she threatens. Otis tells her he misses her. Jackson slaps Otis in the arm, which again sets off Otis’s member. (Adam who?)
Otis and Eric approach Jackson. Jackson says he never has sex without protection and he’s been tested; he even offers proof. He had sex with both accusers who then contracted the disease, and this all turns into Coolio’s “Too Hot” video fairly quickly. Miss Sands then vouches for Maeve and threatens to tell the chairman that Groff’s son won the essay contest by cheating, and voilà! Her words fall on deaf ears. She presents student essays that have boosted the school’s grade-point averages, and tells him she wrote every one of them. Maybe she’ll get a job at the school? Leaving the office, she runs into Otis, but tells him she’s just visiting. The two are clearly happy to see each other.
Meanwhile, Otis offers Maeve her old job back, but she declines until he offers to up her cut. Otis finally admits to Ola that he’s addicted to wanking and that he might’ve broken his penis. “It’s good to be back in business,” says Otis. Eric smiles and walks away. Take Our Poll
  The STI culprit is found to be Owen, a boy who says he got treated, but was too ashamed to tell the girls. Jean gets a phone call from Moordale’s chairwoman who calls the state of the school’s sex education “appalling.” When Jean offers to make recommendations for someone to revamp the curriculum, the chair replies, “…or, you could do it.”
Lily clues Ola in about the sex clinic Maeve and Otis ran together and the poor girl looks perplexed. Ola promises they’ll figure everything out together because it’s all new for the both of them. Is there new love brewing for our beloved Eric? His mood is brightened in the hallway when the attractive new male specimen tells him he likes his shirt. Maeve offers the tiniest smile as he walks away. Are you psyched Sex Ed is back? Grade the premiere, then hit the comments below! Otis gives him an ethics lecture and Owen, who overheard Otis’s earlier issue, tells him to be honest with Ola about his “wanking problem.”
Groff tells Eric that Adam will no longer be coming back, and Eric is shook.

Although she’s newly sober, it takes just one snappy, “Don’t talk with your mouth full!” from mom to piss off Maeve, who’s clearly not ready to make amends. The kid can barely walk through the halls without getting accosted by peers seeking advice, only he’s not giving it out. At school, everyone’s in a panic about a plague of chlamydia. “End of story.”
With campus looking like the set of a zombie film, Headmaster Groff is putting out fires left and right. Despite having the “untapped sexual knowledge of a tantric master,” plus a girlfriend, Otis says he and Ola are taking things slow (read: he’s still a virgin). Opportunistic (and unethical) Simon spreads fake news to hawk chlamydia masks, showing us how much these kids really do need Otis. Otis confides to Eric that his body has complete control over him. “You’ve discovered the wonders of your own penis, my friend!” guffaws Eric. “Maeve has moved on and so have I,” he says. Watching Otis squirm and hearing Gillian Anderson rattle off about enjoying oneself is so oddly satisfying. Jean’s not quite ready to tell Otis she’s sleeping with his girlfriend’s father. Otis heads to school and we find a shirtless Jakob stashed away in Jean’s bedroom. — and takes off running. The chairwoman of the board demands to know what he’s doing about the hysteria — cue an emergency assembly! “Promises don’t mean sh-t anymore, Erin,” Maeve responds. Bring on the awkward, Season 2! Apparently getting an erection while looking at cheese (brie, for the record) doesn’t make Otis feel as “normal” as everyone tells him it is. Mom also has a new beau she met at Narcotics Anonymous, and she vows to tell him about Maeve and her brother, Sean. PROMISES, PROMISES | As a sea of mask-wearing students watch an a cappella group butcher Jermaine Stewart, Aimee texts Maeve, who’s now working at a pretzel shop. Maeve recognizes a woman — her mom! A LITTLE MOTHERLY ADVICE | Jean tells Otis she’s happy he’s reached a milestone in his pubescent development, but there’s a time and place for everything, and exposing one’s genitalia in public is a criminal offense. Turns out Mom has a young daughter and is working a 12-step program.

Our young protagonist is getting a lot of hands-on experience, which should assist his chosen quest of doling out sex advice to fellow classmates. RELATED STORIES

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Sex Education is back exploring the many dalliances of Moordale High, including Otis’ own. Unfortunately for ‘shippers out there, we may be quite a ways from actualizing “Maevis,” so let’s lean into the will-they-won’t-they trope, if we must, and kick off Season 2 with a proper recap. We could start praising the killer rendition of Divinyls’ “I Touch Myself” that leads the episode or dive into Otis’s newfound, uhh, hobby, but I guess we’d wind up in the same place either way. Asa Butterfield’s boyish charm and facial quirks work wonders in this montage, especially when Otis is caught in the act by his mom… inside her car! Welcome back, Sex Ed (and more Jean this season, please!).

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