Supergirl Star Looks Ahead to Season 6: What’s Next for Kara and William’s ‘Slow Burn’ Relationship?

What’s really fun on TV is watching slow burns with romance, so I think people can expect that.” I would anticipate it even going into Season 6, with complications arising, but I’m glad people are curious. And More TV Qs

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Kara and Lena’s long-awaited reconciliation may have had the Twitterverse abuzz during last Sunday’s Supergirl finale, but there’s another relationship in the Girl of Steel’s life that fans (and CatCo’s HR department) might want to keep an eye on. RELATED STORIES

Did Supergirl Suit Overdo It? And although the pair’s interaction in the finale was brief, he was clearly ready to throw himself into mortal danger to make sure Kara was OK — even after he was shot by Eve. The show planted tiny romantic seeds for Kara and William all season, from their first karaoke duet to their first actual date. Why Did Soaps Story Snub Santa Barbara? “She’s had quite a bit of time to herself without any love interests, so I think it’s great that there was a possibility at all in Season 5. “What’s exciting for Kara is the amount of possibilities,” Melissa Benoist tells TVLine of her character’s love life. What the 'Fork, Killing Eve? And that’s not nothing.
So, you know, we have a lot of time to think about this. Of course, it’ll be a long time before we even see any of the aforementioned characters again. Television production remains shut down in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and even though The CW hopes to have new shows airing in Jan. 2021, the sixth season of Supergirl is still being held for midseason. Your thoughts on Kara and William’s budding relationship? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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