Supernatural Boss Previews Dean and Cas’ Purgatory Trip, Big Change for Sam and ‘Massive’ Death Toll to Come

But it forces him to reevaluate, definitely. How does Dean feel about being back there as someone who has a lot of history with that place? Not in a specific sense. We wanted to focus on Cas, Dean and their feelings about being back here versus trotting out a fan favorite. [The gunshot wound is] de-powering him, as we’ve talked about earlier in the season. TVLINE | Are there any more side effects to be had with Sam and Chuck’s shared bullet wound, or is Sam completely OK after Sergei pulled his soul back in? TVLINE | Dean and Cas are in purgatory, it looks like, in the official photos from the episode. TVLINE | Are there some familiar faces waiting for them there? Dean’s been hashing out his issues for 15 years. TVLINE | Being in purgatory together on this quest, does that force Dean and Cas to hash out their recent issues? I also think the way Chuck deals with Sam in this [week’s] episode is to show him some, what I’ll call, unpleasant truth, and those things will be lingering for Sam as we go forward. As confused as Sam is about the link that he has to Chuck, Chuck’s equally confused. TVLINE | What is Chuck’s agenda with luring Sam and Eileen into this trap? He’s always got more. This isn’t something that should be happening. I don’t think Sam’s completely OK. He’s trying to figure out what’s going on… But also, he’s a fan. Getting a little face time with Sam isn’t such a bad thing for him, even if it’s just to twist the knife a little bit more. I think Dean goes in there thinking, “Hey, I’m just here to do a job, get this flower, get out.” Once he sees what purgatory is and gets an update on who’s around [and] who isn’t in purgatory these days, he has to confront the past a little bit more. And even if the wound is healed, psychologically, Sam’s going to change quite a bit. It forces them to start that process. That’s always great, we love to do that, but in this case, it felt like we wanted to focus on our core characters and what they’re going through.
Are there more to come? TVLINE | Another big theme this season has been loss. There are more to come, including two surprising guest stars in Episode 9. TVLINE | Are we losing people that are near and dear to viewers and the characters? We are extremely close to seeing Jack again. TVLINE | You’ve been very good this season about bringing back fan faves from the past. TVLINE | We’re now halfway through the season. When Jack reappears, [death] will have changed him. What does the death toll look like in the back half of the season? Are we any closer to seeing Jack again? We’ve already lost Rowena, Ketch, Lilith. TVLINE | And given how much time has passed since we last saw him, and we have no idea what he’s been up to in that time, can we expect a different side of Jack? Death or “death” always changes our characters, and he’s going to come back, not necessarily as a different person, but with a very clear mission. Yes. It is massive.
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As Supernatural enters the back half of its final season this Thursday (The CW, 8/7c), the stakes will be higher than ever… and so will the body count. Certainly, Episode 8 had a lot of cliffhangers, a lot of open-ended questions. The EP also teases Jack’s return and two surprising guest stars. TVLINE | You’re coming off a fall finale with several cliffhangers in Chuck luring Sam and Eileen, and Dean and Cas discovering that purgatory may hold the key to stopping Chuck. But first, Dean and Cas attempt to work out their issues in purgatory, while Sam finds himself psychologically changed by Chuck, executive producer Andrew Dabb previews in the following Q&A. And also, it acts as a little bit of a pivot point for the rest of our season, where everything that happens going forward happens because of the things that happen in Episode 9, which is a little vague but true. What can viewers expect in the aftermath of those twists this week?

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