The Resident Sneak Peek: How Will Conrad and Nic Cope With Lily’s Death?

RELATED2018 Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Getting Cancelled? The five stages of grief will be well underway at Chastain Park Memorial when The Resident returns — but some doctors are further along in their mourning than others. House look positively well-adjusted!) What’s on the Bubble? (The guy makes Dr. Case in point: After colliding with a biker earlier that day and spraining his ankle, Conrad refuses to get the injury checked out, as some twisted form of self-punishment for Lily’s demise. But it’s Conrad who seems to have the toughest time coping. RELATEDSo You Think You Can Dance, 4 Others Get Summer Premiere Dates

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s episode of the Fox drama (9/8c), which picks up shortly after the death of cancer patient Lily Kendall. Nic, of course, is devastated and guilt-ridden that she wasn’t at the hospital when Lily passed away, and Devon seems similarly shaken by the sudden loss of his patient.

Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at Monday’s episode, then drop a comment below with your thoughts!

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