The Twilight Zone Season 2 Finale Recap: An Egg-xtraordinary Encounter

They decide to go original recipe over extra crispy, and oh my god, what am I even typing right now? They start scheming, but Janet cuts them off. They start talking about how “the leg is its best piece,” and quip about being hungry. Then it clicks. She talks about her childhood, and reveals she recently delivered a stillborn, which was very hard on her. “You can’t just pull us out of our lives, you know!” She demands to be taken to their leader “supervisor.” K. The aliens’ minds are one collective, and changing it would require the same energy needed to reverse the flow of the Mississippi River. Spaceships hover above her, as plumes of smoke rise from the earth. The being admits to monitoring humans since 1945, when radio first started. The being then says that Janet only wants something she doesn’t have. “We can see your wanting from space,” it says. Even for a little while… because it’s… well, it’s mine.”
She wakes up in her bed to the sounds of sirens and screaming outside. OK forever. “You understand your egg is a spawn designed to eradicate the human race.” Yep. And that’s because there won’t be any human beings around to change their minds about it. They tried to learn about humans by studying TV commercials, but struggled to make any sense of it. The being must know what the egg is; in fact, the supervisor laid all of the eggs, so that everything could be OK again. Jones collapse off-screen as a glittery, bloody substance spreads throughout her home like a gas. PART FOUR: LIKE THE GREAT GLITTERING CITIES OF YOUR WORLD | Janet appears on a screen that is being watched by heaps of alien beings. “I just want to hold it. Janet asks if she can go home, but they tell her she’ll be safe with them. It’s the middle of a friggin’ apocalypse, yet Janet is still determined to get her egg. We then watch Mrs. She still wants to make her designated fulfillment center appointment to get her egg. She talks about hating her house and their cars, and how she wishes she had different things. The supervisor says they’re afraid of how often humans change their minds. She gets it, but she still craves the blissful ignorance the egg can provide her. The Skyliners’ “Since I Don’t Have You” plays as Janet runs into the center. In the nursery, she talks to the crib saying, “It would be much, much better if it was you who was coming home with me today.” She gets in her car and starts driving down the street as chaos erupts around her.

So were we. Jones (Russian Doll‘s Greta Lee) that she’s been blacking out and losing chunks of time. A little scared? Read on for the highlights. Welcome back to… The Twilight Zone. RELATED STORIES

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Even for a show that frequently dabbles in mysterious, unfathomable phenomena, this finale is egg-stremely bizarre. “The Egg will make everything OK again, and this time it will be OK forever.” Confused? It happens after she hears a sequence of chords, followed by a whooshing sound, then she wakes up in bed like nothing ever happened. “You Might Also Like” tells the story of one woman’s confusion over periodic blackouts and her neighborhood’s obsession with strange eggs that carry big promises. The women then anticipate getting “their egg,” but we’re kept in the dark… for now. She details to her friend Mrs. Janet Warren (Boardwalk Empire‘s Gretchen Mol) wakes up in her pristine bedroom looking out of it.

Grade it and the overall season, then drop some comments below! Janet Warren finally found relief, albeit, for a limited-time only. Cue The Narrator! But buyer beware: All sales are final here… in the Twilight Zone.”
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  “Existential dread got you down? Well, Mrs.

Janet says she saw the egg in a commercial in her head and it’s ugly. Especially when taking an unscheduled trip… into The Twilight Zone.”
PART ONE: IT’S UGLY | The women wake up in Janet’s bed, and Mrs. Back inside, she walks into a nursery that has a crib and a baby monitor. Jones is equally confused as to what just occurred. Every. She sets up the monitor in her own bedroom so she can record the freaky-deaky happenings. | Janet calls her husband, but he’s in a meeting. Janet Warren. They look like a mix between Conehead wannabes and the martians from Mars Attacks!, and to make matters even stranger, they all speak simultaneously, without any mouth movement whatsoever. Janet eventually asks the operator if she can cancel her family’s egg, and though the voice says they are processing her request, the line disconnects before confirming. Megan says that the world is not OK, and she wants her egg so that everything can be OK again. PART THREE: THE MADWOMAN IN THE OXYGEN TOWER | Janet calls Chantal, a stargazing shaman, and tells her she thinks she’s been abducted. Chantal tells her to resist gravity, which sparks an idea. The weird keeps getting weirder. BEING. Janet calls someone at the fulfillment center to ask more questions, but when she’s put on hold, her neighbor screeches up the road. In the kitchen, she starts to cry, and immediately finds herself in the middle of a paper towel commercial. Okaaay. Her friend leaves (but not before Janet physically tries dragging her back), and Janet is left with only a small odd twig she found in her hair. Cut to: waking up in her bed again. She asks Megan, his secretary, why someone would want their family’s egg. PART TWO: REAL. When she checks the monitor footage, she sees herself floating toward the window like some scene from Poltergeist. She tethers herself to a chair, but when night falls, she once again floats toward the window and outside, where three aliens watch her. She has an egg, and she refuses to let Janet see it. She wonders if the egg has something to do with whatever’s happening to them. This feels like as good a place as any for The Narrator to swing through with his usual ominous offering:
“Submitted for your approval, Mrs. “But possessions have weight and we can’t carry them all at the same time. Thing,” he says. A woman who had seemed to have everything. HUMAN.

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