Un-Masked Singer Kangaroo Reveals the Truth Behind That ‘Little ‘Roo’ Clue

Read on for Woods’ thoughts on making Season 3’s Top Eight and what that highly misleading clue about her “little ‘roo” meant. I will say, it wasn’t as glamorous as people think. TVLINE | How did it compare? I’m always singing at my house, around my family, but I’ve never sung publicly… No one really knows. [Laughs] There has never been a child that you guys don’t know about. What was your experience like prior to this? I’ve was in my downstairs room with a jacket over my head, trying to prepare myself to see what it would feel like with a mask over my head. But it’s something that I’ve always loved. He was like, “You should do this.” I was like, “Really? When I have down time or I’m going through something, I turn to writing and the piano. (And read a recap of the episode here.)
TVLINE | When you first started on the show, a lot of readers were commenting that they thought it might be you… but they had no idea you could sing. I had my snowboarding goggles on. There is nothing like being on The Masked Singer. One of my clue packages, it was my brother [speaking to the camera], and he was saying how he always used to tell me to shut up and now he’s happy I’m actually going with it. [Laughs]
TVLINE | One of the clues that threw me was when you said you were “doing it all for my little ‘roo.” You don’t have any children, as far as I know, right? No. Honestly, there’s no comparison. So I have to be very aware of the things that I do, the things that I say, because she is a mirror. So that’s the little ‘roo. Have you had any training? You think I could do this?” He was like, “I know you could do this.” So I just went for it. Last year, I had some free time and I started getting back into it. So I decided to work with a vocal coach who’s actually a vocal coach on The Masked Singer. That’s how I got introduced to the show. It’s something that’s kind of, unless you’re family, I’m not really singing [in front of you]. But I do have a little sister who looks up to me and copies everything I do.
Honestly, I don’t think I have a choice now. Are you thinking about putting out an album? Actually, though, how am I going to let my grandparents know to watch the show without letting them know I’m going to be on it? I think it was more difficult to keep it away from my friends and family rather than social media. I think it’s what the people want. I have two brothers, and my sister Jodie and my mom. TVLINE | It was not me — I thought you were Tatyana Ali for like three weeks. I needed something to throw everyone off! Other than that, no one knew — no aunts or uncles, no grandparents. Was it a challenge to keep this off of your Instagram account? TVLINE | Obviously, your brother knew. [Laughs] Like, “Grandma, watch these big, singing animals.”
TVLINE | You’re hunkered down at home, like the rest of us. There’s videos. TVLINE | Will you add music into that mix now? Yay. TVLINE | That’s a tricky, tricky clue, ma’am. There’s a lot of stuff I needed to catch up on: organizing and house stuff. What have you been doing to keep busy? So I’ve been organizing my house, trying to work out at home… I’ve been writing, doing music and just trying to create more business plans and keeping my entrepreneurship going. I didn’t think anyone would know at all, and the second the first episode comes out, everyone’s tweeting me like, “Oh, that’s for sure Jordyn.” I was like, oh wow, you guys were crazy. Who else in your family knew? So you fooled some of us. I have a lot of balance when it comes to social media but I definitely was taking a lot of pictures, so they’re going to hit social media very soon. [Laughs]
TVLINE | You’re very active on social media.

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